About Archival Digital Preservation Skills & Services

Archival Digital Preservation Services is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Archival's principal consultant, Val Huffman, takes pride in providing superior graphic design, web design, and associated communication services to non profit heritage associations, and organizations or individuals in the arts and culture community.

Services Offered Include:


To provide individuals and organizations with superior advice and quality production methods that will advance their goals in preserving and displaying to the public any collection of personal, cultural, or historic artifacts using the most effective digital techniques available.


To collaborate with experts, and participate in establishing long term preservation standards that will allow future generations to access past history, and understand the value of the cultural experience, in context of their own lives and potential contribution to society.

"Leave a lasting impression, as your legacy to the future."


Val HuffmanAbout Val Huffman

Val has accumulated a wealth of experience, developed over 30 years in the graphic communications industry, and the arts and cultural community. He maintains an excellent reputation for quality and attention to detail.

Working in both print and web media, his portfolio includes creative art and publication designs for corporate and business communication, with a growing list of cultural and community-oriented web designs.

His career includes full time teaching at Winnipeg Technical College, and supervisory work with the Prolific Group, Command Graphic Communications, and Xerox Reproduction Centre. In recent years, He has specialized in computer imaging, electronic prepress and web publishing techniques using both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

He is a freelance web designer and training consultant, holding a permanent Manitoba Teaching Certificate in Vocational Graphic Arts from Red River College. He continues to learn new production techniques, and remains committed to keeping pace with the changing methods of graphic communication in the 21st century.

Val Huffman at ArtslantVisit Val Huffman at Artslant, for a look at examples of less commercial artwork. Every designer and graphic artist needs an outlet for pure creative expression, and these pieces show a definite graphic influence in images from nature, human experience, political humour and historical discovery.