Zbigniew Sokalski
Zbigniw Sokalski

Jolanta Sokalska
Jolanta Sokalska
Communication = Art

About Us

Jolanta and Zbigniew are working as a team, ever since they met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. They spent five years there, discovering the PHENOMENA of CREATION.

"It is the most challenging profession for humans to pursue. It is the most sophisticated existence for all of us" — they say.

They are recipients of many Art Grants and Awards, actively participating in many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and internationally.

Zbigniew's participation in the International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa, Japan, 1998.

They also provide work in:
Interior Design and Decorating (consultation);
Creating Awards for Special Events;
Stained Glass, Faux Finishing, and Decorative Paintings.

Their exquisite variety and wide range of prices attracts many clients and allows their art to exist in many homes in Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia.